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Or oncoming traffic. I clip in my right foot. Like, immediately. This is so dumb. Yet, it feels like the most stupid failure on my part. Stop crying about this and get back on the bike. You are totally overthinking it. You are completely capable of doing this.

I go back out to the garage and stand by the bike. I stare at it.

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I am paralyzed with fear and humiliation. And I do. I straddle the bike and clip in my right foot.


This is completely different. Be sure you have forward momentum before you clip in your other foot.

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I take a deep breath. Well, maybe six deep breaths. And I move forward. I feel the momentum under me and add my left foot. And I ride. I love a lot of it, and I white-knuckle my handlebars for the rest. We can waste a lot of time and energy worrying about falling or failing or not measuring up. As a recovering perfectionist, I have spent much of my life trying to avoid failure. Or trying to measure up to something — everything — anything. Rather than trying to avoid failure, why not invest that energy into failing, or falling, well?

Sometimes the more we try to self-protect, the more we end up injuring ourselves.

Little Pieces Of Paper With "No" Written On Them

It just means you fell. It just means it takes practice. You just FELL! Yes, it hurt. Yes, it felt humiliating.

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Feel that. Cry for a minute if you want to. Wash the gravel out of your skin. Sometimes I try that. Well, maybe not the humming. But I do try to quiet the noise, shrug off the demands, and find some peace. Some balance. And that was my mindset when I first tried the bike. It went like this: clip one foot in, deep breath, quietly gather all my courage.

See a Problem?

And promptly fall over. The same applies in my life: yes, I need space to rest, clear my head, and find some balance in my life. But, too much rest and head-clearing, and I get all out of whack. What are you waiting for? More voices pointing women straight back to the voice of the One who knows us most and loves us best.

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And she invited me to join her and a few others in writing it. A must-read for all interested in mobile communication, mobilities, and internet studies. Jordan Frith's A Billion Little Pieces is remarkable for the way that it takes a ubiquitous everyday object and makes it strange. This book encourages a curiosity to look beneath the surface of everyday objects—like RFID—and their supporting infrastructures.

Having read it, you will never think about the humble credit card or metro card in the same way again. Jordan Frith's skill as an author lies in his ability to take something that's the size of a grain of rice—the RFID tag—and show readers how it represents technological society at this moment in time. He skillfully blends infrastructure studies with scholarship about mobile technologies, global commerce, and identity to get us to look beyond an interface-centered study of media and uncover hidden connections that are shaping the media landscape.

Malcolm McCullough. Ryan Ellis.

all the little pieces | Mothering. Mildly misbehaving. Making life matter.

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All the Little Pieces

Summary How RFID, a ubiquitous but often invisible mobile technology, identifies tens of billions of objects as they move through the world. Share Share Share email. Endorsements Who better to put together A Billion Little Pieces —and make meaning from it all—than Jordan Frith, a prescient critic of emerging technologies?