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Vida Guerra (born March 19, ) is a Cuban-American glamour model. Her first notable Guerra's first national exposure came when she appeared in a lingerie spread for FHM in December The magazine later reported that following.

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But what about our soul, our essence, though this never dies. How do we keep this strong and bright, as can be seen in the many radiant faces of children? If we observe a warm cup of tea in a cold room, we can clearly see the heat flowing off it into the atmosphere.

Be 'Selfish' and Fuel Your Soul's Evolution - Christi Daniels - Personal Power Coach

As the tea looses heat to its surrounding it becomes cooler and cooler. The tea remains tea, but the energy it is emitting gets less. As with humans, when we are younger we are full of energy and radiance that we emitte out to the world, and as the years go by the lights and energy can get dimmer unless consciously nurtured.

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Just as a cup of tea can be re-heated and energised. So too can the human spirit be re-energised. There are many activities that replenish the soul, such as spending time in nature reconnecting to the magnificence that we are an intricate part of. No weak tracks, it is a must have if you like Stage Dolls. This is a good album with a better production than the debut but it seemed to lose the energy of that release.

Alot of the songs have a similar feel to them although none of them are poor. Nice vocals and great playing but got lost in the mix at the peak of melodic rocks popularity. Just not memorable enough but good. Jagged Edge queda a mitad de camino. El balance final es desparejo. This is one of my favourite cds whereby I don't have to press the skip button. Stand out tracks are out in the cold,hell ain't a long way,loving you too long,liar,you don't love me,money talking,all thru the night and the excellent dark closing track burnin' up.

Jagged Edge - Fuel For Your Soul (Full Album)

A brilliant band and this cd is highly recommended. Like this one , Good music and I'm tired of earing about the production, not all band start with 1 studio record deal. Just enjoy the music or wait till bands get at the top Chart. Listen to Motley Crue st and new tattoo what a diference hey? New Tattoo is so perfect that everyone could play guitars without missing a note. Been awhile since I've listen to that haha. I have to admit that a lot of the songs on this album went in one ear and out the other.

But there were some cool tunes that stood out. I can recommend this one without reservations, but it is not essential. Las 3 primeras canciones muy buenas, buen comienzo. La rockera "Hell Ain't a Long Way" tambien.

Alfonzetti de lo mejor del disco. Los solos buenos nada espectaculares pero muy buenos. Gran disco. A friend just recently turned me on to this awsome band. This really killer stuff.

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Vintage 80's sound. They should have been huge and all over La's sunset strip. How the hell this one got in under my radar I'll never know. Very recomended!!! Well it sounds American half the battle with hair metal but its actually British,as for the songs well they leave something to be desired Que pocos comentarios. Matti Alfonzetti simplemente genial. Por ahi algunas que bajan, pero en general buen disco. En una tienda lo vi a 23 euros sin contar costos de envio.

Yoga, Fuel for the Soul

Ahora que esta de moda las reediciones, seria una buena opcion. Big pero no tan tecnicos. I can't believe I never heard of this group before now. I am absolutely in love with the lead singer's voice. I guess from my point of view as a female, the man just sounds so sexy.


Fuel for Your Soul by Jagged Edge U.K. (CD, Aug-1991, Polydor)

And, he has tremendous vocal ability. He doesn't strain or try too hard. The best song for me is "Fuel for your Soul"-esp. I would love to hear his voice on other songs from other bands-I bet they would sound tons better. For example, have him sing some of Arcade's songs like "Cry No More".