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Vida Guerra (born March 19, ) is a Cuban-American glamour model. Her first notable Guerra's first national exposure came when she appeared in a lingerie spread for FHM in December The magazine later reported that following.

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Can I recount historical events accurately? Mormon Apostles, Stake Presidents and Bishops thought so. Yet she eventually became disillusioned. She posted the story of her disillusionment on an Internet web page , in response to another post about Mormonism. My dear friend, you have just hit the tip of the iceberg. I was a Mormon in high places for ten years in a seventeen year long membership. The church evolves. In this manner, the church has not built upon a solid foundation, but upon Swiss cheese.

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The church is filled with good people, but they are being led by men who well know the true history and teachings of the church, which are in direct conflict with many ideas and doctrinal interpretations being dished out today. If the foundation is rotten, this house will not stand. I was a regional publicity director and historian in the church. In fact, the manuscript had nothing to do with the biblical Abraham, and Smith simply concocted a fanciful story and claimed it to be a translation. But would Judyth need to study ancient Egyptian, and be an historian in the Mormon Church to determine this?


Moreover, the [ Book of Abraham ] laid Joseph open to the ridicule of future scholars, for his papyri were almost certain to be examined at some later date by experts in the Egyptian language. Unlike the golden plates [of the Book of Mormon ], which had been whisked back into heaven, the mummies and papyri were kept on exhibit in both Kirtland and Nauvoo. The actual papyri escaped scholarly examination for many years.

These interpretations were first challenged in , when a French traveler, Jules Remy, who had become interested in the Mormons, called them to the attention of the Coptic student Theodule Deveria in the Louvre. Remy arranged the two strikingly divergent interpretations in parallel columns and published them in in his A Journey to the Great Salt-Lake City.

Later the half-dozen leading Egyptologists who were asked to examine the facsimiles agreed that they were ordinary funeral documents such as can be found on thousands of Egyptian graves. So did Judyth, in the s, finally figure out that the Book of Abraham was bogus? Even assuming that she was insulated from non-Mormon sources, had she never come across the definitive scholarly translation of the papyri published in Dialogue: a Journal of Mormon Thought in the Summer of ?

Yet she told W. Not only does Judyth involve a very large cast of Americans in her saga, she also includes Britisher Bertrand Russell. Russell was one of the great philosophers of the 20 th century, although by the s he was very old, bitter, and virulently anti-American. According to Mary Ferrell:.

She claims she wrote to Bertrand Russell about her reluctance to have sex with Lee because she and he were both married at the time. She says that Russell wrote to her that she must not let anything hold her back if they were in love. They must have sex. On November 8, , this writer posted a message describing the contents of her letter on the Internet newsgroup alt. I first wrote Lord Bertrand Russell in early , after receiving a telegram from the entertainment mogul Arthur Godfrey, who contacted the Damon Runyon Foundation.

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Lord Russell heard of me from a member of the foundation and sent me an encouraging note about my cancer research. I told him in this January, letter that I had been forced to leave the medical field, and was even forced to stay married, to keep my maiden name unknown, for having personally associated with the accused assassin. I added that I feared for my life. I also told him that Lee was innocent. Lord Russell kindly sent me a reply, a real letter, a few weeks later, saying he routinely destroyed all letters such as the politically dangerous one written to him, and that I must do the same, since many people considered him a communist.

He agreed that Lee was innocent and said nobody in Europe thought he had done it. Death is when you cease to die! Four years later, ten days before giving birth to a daughter.

I wanted to cheer Lord Russell, as I heard he was quite ill. I believed it was now safe to write again, at last.. So I did, reminding him of his positive impact on my life. His secretary eventually sent me an letter that Lord Russell expressed regret that he was too ill to write to me. I still own that reply. Much worse, the letter she sent to Russell makes no mention of any previous correspondence.

Instead, she thanks him profusely for his published works. This appears to be another example of her taking a scrap of material out of her old belongings and concocting an elaborate tale around it, like the letters from important people that recognized her achievements in science but supposedly show that nefarious plotters had taken notice of her , and bus transfers which show she took the bus to work but which supposedly show that she rode to work with Lee Oswald.

Consider, again, her green glass. It supposedly contained a note from Lee, which she kept with the glass. But her daughter threw it away, not thinking that it was valuable. As Judyth explains:. Yes, Jack Ruby knew about the Green Glass because that was one of the excuses used to finally fire Lee. These green tea glasses on crystal pedestals were included as premiums in large boxes of tea. They were inserted just before the boxes were closed by a machine on the packing line.

I can prove I know the packing and shipping back there and what Lee was doing. I kept the glass, which also had a note Lee had written kept inside it another part of the story which my daughter observed but, not knowing it was valuable, tossed away only five years ago when we were packing our best glassware for moving.

I had told her to be careful with the glass but had forgotten to tell her to keep the paper inside it. However, she does remember the note was in there and dated from So she threw the note away. She remembered doing it and has apologized. What kids do! I am too tired to write more at present and hope this helps assuage your curiosity. That Lee would steal a glass from a packing line, when whole pallets of glasses doubtless resided in some storeroom at Reily, is odd.

About this time last year, my former landlord, a drug addict, stole my diary, some jewelry and other things.


He stole valuables from the other two trailers he also owned, at the same time, and the police were on their way. So she would have a diary showing contemporaneous mention of her affair with Oswald and perhaps her role in the assassination plot, but the drug addict landlord of her trailer park home burned it. Team Judyth has pointedly ignored questions about whether they ever sought a police report that could confirm this incident.

Judyth gave a similar account to a researcher Louis Girdler, and According to Girdler:. They were not asked before. And others are finding evidence nobody knew to hunt for before.

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But long before that — for three and a half decades, in fact — I have never let the evidence be out of my possession, and it has always been at my side whenever I entered or left any country as an anthropologist — B. Even to Norway and back, by plane. Even to Mexico, lived an entire summer there. I carried the evidence in my suitcase, never out of my sight at any time, when moving. THAT is the kind of evidence it is. There was no rummaging through attics for it.

But there is one class of evidence she was much less careful with.

I have a library of books, some of which are on display in my living room. Many more are in boxes. My daughter, Sarah, has rummage through all my books. She or another of my five children even took the book Lee wrote in to school and put yellow magic marker underscoring in it! The other books where Lee had written marginal comments was in bad shape, though.

It [sic] had been badly chewed by puppies the box of books had been on the big porch where the puppies were kept, as part of a barrier, and they chewed through the box one day and dragged out these paperback books. Judyth is, as of this writing, living in the Netherlands, supposedly driven out of the U. I lost my job for speaking out. I was hounded, harassed, made fun of. But I will never waver, even though I am now forced to live in a foreign country where I have been kindly treated.

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Needless to say, Team Judyth has not verified the accuracy of any of this. My sister and Debbee — who has been spending significant time at Dallas archives public library, where they let her, she says, have only one file at a time, are upset again because they were again being followed by a white van. This time there was a satellite dish of some kind on top of the roof, they said. Anyway, I told them to write an affidavit and get it notarized. In a rather irate post on the Internet newsgroups, she said that:.

People who have talked at some length to Judyth usually come away with a list of implausible tales she has told them.

unaccownaro.tk Robert Harris, for example, talked to her for three hours on the phone, and exchanged some e-mails. Judyth told him that somebody stole the hard drive out of her computer. No, they apparently wanted to save her the expense of buying a whole new computer! Judyth has repeatedly claimed to have gotten death threats.

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She was on a flight which had to make an emergency stop in St. Louis, due to a passenger having a heart attack. Given the ruthlessness of these supposed plotters, why they would stage an elaborate tableau to intimidate Judyth rather than simply killing her is a huge mystery. Judyth, in fact, has constantly claimed harassment from sinister people supposedly out to silence her. As my confidence in [Joe] Riehl grew, finally showed him some of the original manuscript, which was afraid [sic] every moment would be stolen he finally got a truncated version of it to read , as at that same time, my office got broken into etc.